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Read our report and learn how we transformed our work in the context of Covid-19

This policy briefing outlines the emerging impact of the COVID-19 crisis on young refugees’ education and wellbeing in the UK, based on REUK’s direct support work with young refugees in recent weeks. It also details recommendations to the central government, local authorities and education stakeholders to help ensure that young refugees’ education and wellbeing is not forgotten during this crisis.

Read our policy briefing and recommendations.

Many young refugees have already missed out on significant periods of their education by the time they arrive in the UK, and have then waited months for the opportunity to study once here.

In addition to following the NHS guidance on managing the spread of Coronavirus, we are making sure to:

  • maintain a culture and ethos of hope, faith and generosity in the face of uncertainty, fear and scarcity;

  • keep providing high quality educational and psychosocial support and community to young refugees and asylum seekers while our office is closed and face-to-face meetings are -suspended, in line with public health guidance;

  • respond to the acute needs of some of the most vulnerable young refugees and asylum seekers as they cope with Coronavirus alongside pre-existing significant mental health and safeguarding challenges;

  • promote the wellbeing of our staff team and the 150 volunteer mentors who provide the weekly educational support which enables young refugees and asylum seekers to move forward -in education, feel less isolated and become more integrated into their local communities;

  • plan ahead with wisdom to ensure the sustainability of our work in the long term, especially as we embark on our new building project to lay the foundations for years of service to young refugees and asylum seekers.

REUK put in place a range of measures to respond wisely and compassionately to COVID-19 and its far-reaching impact.

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