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Dema ku mamosteyên min bi min re axivîn min fêm kir, lê ji ber ku wê demê min nikarîbû bipeyivim, min nikarîbû bersiva wan bidim, lê mamosteyên min bi min re pir xweş û dilovan bûn.  

Şêwaza hînkirinê li vir pir cuda ye. Kesên din û xwendekarên din jî ji min re ne xweş bûn.

Di wê demê de, REUK-ê şêwirmendek yek bi yek da min. Navê wê Laura ye. Ew gelek ji min re dibe alîkar ku ez xwendin, nivîsandin û axaftina xwe baştir bikim, her çend ew bi taybetî bi matematîkê û IT-ê ji min re dibe alîkar.

Ew kesek pir dilovan û xweş e.

Scroll down to read about Sam, an incredible young man from Afghanistan

£15 would provide a young refugee with a weekly mentor who will help them to fulfil their academic potential.

£30 would equip six newly-arrived young refugees with the information they need to get into school or college.

£50 funds a training session for 15 new educational mentors.

£100 enables our wellbeing support workers to provide intensive, crisis support to young people experiencing acute issues such as homelessness.

Your support will give hope to young refugees in the UK.

Your donation will help refugee children and young people to move forward with their education, helping them to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Sam was part way through university when he was forced to to flee Afghanistan.

When he got the UK, he was placed in a hotel. With no phone or laptop and out of education, he thought that going to university in his situation would be an impossible dream.

Sam spent his time volunteering, which is how he eventually met a member of the team at Refugee Education UK (REUK). He was referred to our Educational Progression team, who told him that university was a possibility for him. They helped him to plan his education pathway, and explained how he could overcome the barriers to his education. They also referred him to our mentoring team for additional support.


He was matched with one of REUK's volunteer mentors who provided him with weekly support, and remained committed to supporting Sam even as he was suddenly moved to accommodation further away.


Like many refugees in the UK, Sam was not able to take the certificates from his education with him when he fled. This was another barrier to submitting applications to scholarships. His mentor joined forces with our team, and together we advocated for universities to consider an alternative admissions pathway, and they allowed him to submit an essay in place of submitting his certificates. 

When Sam submitted his essay, they decided not to give him an interview - but to give him the scholarship straight away. 

Sam now studies International Relations and Politics at one of the UK's most prestigious universities. He has already thrown himself into student life, joining societies and looking for opportunities where he can volunteer in the local community. We are incredibly proud to have Sam as one of our Youth Advocates at REUK.

"I feel proud to be a part of this. We are a prime example of the fact it works. I think it should be expanded more. it should be accessible to every refugee".

Sam's story

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