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Tamana û Louise

Tamana ku di 16 saliya xwe de ji Afganîstanê hat Îngilîstanê hêviyên xwe yên ji bo pêşerojê parve dike.

What is the research about?

Refugee Education UK is working with The Bell Foundation to research access to education for newly arrived displaced adolescents – defined for the purposes of this study as adolescents, aged 13-19, who have been displaced from their homes (for reasons including but not limited to conflict, persecution, trafficking and poverty) and have been in the UK for less than one year. The study has been commissioned by The Bell Foundation in response to increased interest from policy makers and practitioners in supporting the needs of these newly arrived displaced adolescents.

This study aims to gather insights from those who have experience of working with/supporting these adolescents about the challenges they face in getting into school or college. It also seeks to explore the education provision that is put in place for displaced adolescents while they wait to start school or college. 

The research will aim to make recommendations for education institutions, local authorities and policy makers about how they can support access to education for late arrivals. The research is due to be published by April, and will be made available here. 

How do I complete the survey?

Click on the button to be taken to the survey form. You will need internet access to submit your responses.

If you have recent or current experience of working with young people from displacement backgrounds at the upper secondary or further education level, please participate in this research survey, which should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Take part in our survey!

Who can take part in the survey?

All those in any part of the UK who have recent experience (within the last year) of supporting or working with newly arrived displaced adolescents as they have tried to get into school or college. This includes, but is not limited to, those working with/for:

  • Local authorities

  • Education institutions

  • Government departments

  • Community organisations, services or groups

  • Charities/NGOs

  • Asylum seeker accommodation providers

Who should I contact if I have questions? 

Please contact Amy Ashlee at if you have any questions about this research. 

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