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My name is Diwa and I come from Afghanistan. With my education, I have lots of stories. I want to mention some of them.

Hi, my name is Diwa and I come from Afghanistan.

When I came to the UK I was 16 years old.

My journey was easy compared with other refugees because my mum came first, but she had lots of problems and she struggled with lots of things.

With my education, I had lots of stories and problems but I want to mention some of them. I understood when my teachers spoke to me, but I couldn't answer them because I couldn't speak at that time, but my teachers were very nice and kind to me.

The teaching style is very different here. Other people and students were not very kind to me.

In that time, REUK gave me a one-to-one mentor. Her name is Laura. She helps me a lot to improve my reading, writing and speaking, even though she helps me mainly with maths and IT. She is a very kind and nice person.

​Now everything is okay. I'm doing GCSE maths with people who are from the UK.

I have to keep up with their English level!

I feel more confident and I have so many friends.


"I think the building project is a very good idea for refugees to learn together. It's good for their mental health because they come here with lots of struggles. I would have liked to have this space when I arrived. It's good to meet new people and make new friends and have a safe place to study and learn.

If you can, please donate to the project.

Thank you."

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