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Education has helped Salma overcome the hurdles she faced and to succeed and lead at university


Tory arrived in the UK speaking no English. He's now a Computer Science graduate.

Tamana and Louise

Working with a mentor helped Tamana with her English and her sense of belonging.


Education opens doors and clears your way. It's like walking from darkness into light.


Abdullah escaped his village when it was overtaken by the Taliban.


I came from North Korea. I travelled here alone. I want to become a doctor.


Mariama arrived in the UK in 2016 and wants to one day become a police officer.


Hamid's immigration status made it hard for him to study. Now he has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering


Theo is from the DRC and arrived in the UK when he was 14.


Abbas needed help with GCSE English. REUK matched him with a donor, Diya, who also came to the UK as a refugee.


My name is Diwa and I come from Afghanistan. With my education, I have lots of stories. I want to mention some of them.


We were trying to raise our voice for hundreds of thousands of Afghan girls who dream of education but they still could not go to school.

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