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We would love you to join our team and help us help refugees. Apply for a job at REUK, join as a volunteer or help us communicate our work

Get involved and help others

You can also sign up to receive our emails. Just click here to sign up. Why not get involved with writing these emails together! Just get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Keep updated by receiving REUK emails and following REUK on social media

The best way to keep updated about jobs, volunteering and our communications work is to follow us on social media.

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Join Our

Staff Team

If you want to work for REUK, we want to hear from you! We often have opportunities to join our staff team, from jobs directly supporting young refugees to jobs making our organisation work behind the scenes. Look out for vacancies and apply!

Become a

Volunteer Mentor

It is very helpful for young refugees to learn from people who have had a similar experience to them. If you want to help young refugees who have recently arrived and may be on their own, apply to be a volunteer mentor!

Join Our

Social Media Team

Do you want to grow in confidence and boost your communication skills? We want you to be at the centre of our social media and communications because you know best how our work can help. Contact Moses if you'd like to get involved!

REUK Youth

There are lots of ways to get involved in REUK Youth as a young refugee or asylum seeker.


For example, you can: 

  • join our youth advocacy team to speak out about education for young refugees

  • apply to be on our youth advisory board

  • help our team run training about refugee education

  • get involved in our communications, fundraising, service delivery and strategy

  • do some work experience with REUK

These are great opportunities for your voice to be heard, to develop your skills and get training, and to build experience for future jobs. Contact Moses to chat about what's best for you.

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