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Educational wellbeing

We want to help you move forward in your education, whether it is through starting a new course at college or finding a way to keep going and progress onto the next level.


We understand that there are lots of things that make that difficult - practical things like housing, homelessness, or immigration, as well as living with and healing from past experiences that may have been very painful or being away from family. These can be very distracting and can make it difficult for people.


Our support workers will meet 1:1 with you to help identify what particular difficulties you are experiencing and find practical ways to address these difficulties and to move forward.

How can we help you?

People who are:

  • 14–25 years old, and

  • from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds (including young people where there are trafficking concerns), and

  • living or studying in London

  • in very difficult situations, which are making it hard to keep going and move forward.

Who is our Educational Wellbeing programme for?

"When I was stressed, my support workers would call me and we would talk together about how to be calm. They would give me a lot of hope and would be with me through my difficult time. I am glad and grateful to have been referred to REUK. I have a lot of hope now that I can achieve anything I want and I'm feeling more positive about my education now. I have great expectations for my future - I might not get there, but I want to."

You can fill in our form and introduce yourself. You can find this form here.

It's helpful to know a few key things about you so that we can work out how best to support you. If you are emailing us, please give us your:

  • name;

  • age;

  • best contact number to reach you on;

  • name of the London borough you are connected with (living or studying in).

How can I get help?

We believe that every person deserves to flourish and so we use activities and tools to build wellness, wellbeing and mental health. We will help you to practice some of these activities in our 1:1 sessions.


We can also refer you on to other specialist services where needed.


We understand how important it is to feel that you belong and can have connection in a place. We have great relationships with other organisations that work with young people to provide sports, befriending, music, arts, drama, educational and other social activities.

Building wellbeing and belonging

Jane, Head of Educational Wellbeing

"I'm Jane and I manage our Educational Wellbeing team."

Ayesha Williams

Online Learning Transition Project Manager

Head of Educational Mentoring

Andrew Cooper

Amy Ashlee

Research Officer

Lara, Educational Wellbeing Lead Practitioner: Wellbeing Provision

"I'm Lara and I can meet with you every week or two weeks, helping you work through some of the difficulties you are facing."

"Educational Wellbeing Lead Practitioner, Training: "I'm Yusef and I can give you guidance and advice on ways to help you when you are feeling stressed, anxious or fearful." 

Yusef, Educational Wellbeing Lead Practitioner: Training

Jane, Head of Educational Wellbeing

"I'm Jane and I manage our Educational wellbeing team."

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