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REUK supports young people whatever their faith, religion or beliefs and our staff team and volunteers are of many faiths and none.

Faith and 

positive futures

"REUK provides our church community a tangible way to get involved in the lives of young refugees. We are honoured to play a part in giving them hope for a different future." – Tim Frisby, Social Action Coordinator, Christ Church London

The Christian theology of our founders shapes our view of the individual as a holistic being, deserving of care and support.

We work directly with faith communities to champion the idea that religious ideals promote generosity, welcome and hope for the future. We run specific training for faith communities, speak at faith conferences and events and provide teaching and prayer resources on request.

We'd like to thank our past and current faith-based partners who support our work through giving and prayer. Click here if you would like REUK to speak to your community.

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