"It is helpful to discuss English with my mentor. It is additional support outside of college. Before mentoring I had no confidence, now I have knowledge and confidence, so it gives me hope."

I would like to put on record our thanks to all the mentors and staff at Refugee Education UK whose hard work has been of such benefit to our students who are UASC [those who arrived in the UK as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children].


"The mentors have been brilliant throughout the year but especially during lockdown which was such a challenging time for our UASC students. These partnerships are much valued by students who are able to access individual support to meet their learning goals. Mentors are clearly very well trained and have liaised with tutorial and pastoral staff, always appropriately and to the benefit of their mentee. We know that our students are listened to and supported with extra help in the areas they need to develop in order to gain the English skills they will need to achieve a better future." – Referral partner at a further education college


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Our blend of ESOL/academic tutoring and wellbeing support improves education and wellbeing outcomes for young refugees and asylum seekers.

Educational mentoring

We work with each young person to set mentoring goals, like passing an exam or improving a particular aspect of English. Then we match them with the most appropriate mentor – someone whose location, personality and skills are the best fit for each individual.

Schools, colleges, local authorities, and other charities refer young people to REUK for regular, personalised education support.

We recruit diverse volunteers from a range of ages and professional backgrounds and train them to mentor safely, effectively, and consistently. We provide ongoing support to mentoring pairs as they meet for an hour each week in a local library or other community space.

REUK's volunteers provide 1:1 educational mentoring for young people across London, Birmingham, Oxford, Peterborough and Cambridge.

Some 200 mentoring pairs meet weekly over the course of a year. That's over 5,600 hours of personalised, 1:1 tutoring and wellbeing support.

It's a two-way thing. Nine out of 10 young refugees with a mentor make progress towards their educational goals and eight out of 10 say that they're now more confident. And mentors tell us how inspiring it is to journey through the highs and lows with their resilient mentees.

Educational mentoring enables young refugees to move forward in their education.

Educational mentoring increases young refugees' confidence and wellbeing.

Educational mentoring builds young refugees' connections in their local community.

Young refugees are often in the UK alone without parental support. The mentoring relationship nurtures their self worth, develops their life skills, and encourages them to fulfill their potential.

The UK can feel like a lonely place for newly arrived refugee teenagers. Local mentors help them understand how things work and build bridges to groups and services in their area.

Teachers don't always have capacity to give refugee students the personalised support they need to really understand what they're learning and to engage with their studies. Mentors plug this gap.