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Unfortunately, we can only offer advice and guidance to young people who are already in the UK. We are unable to make grants or offer scholarships so will not be able to support you financially in your education.

I am a refugee or asylum seeker not in the UK. Can you help?

However, some British universities offer scholarships to international students. You can find out more about how to apply to British universities and fund your course on the UKCISA website. The best thing for you to do would be to visit this website and start looking into particular British universities (you can also find out more about different courses on the UCAS website and Which University website). Then you could write to individual universities to find out what scholarships they have available (a lot of this would also be available on different university websites).

Another option for you may be online courses through this website or The University of the People. It is not necessarily the same as studying at a university but it may at least be a step forward if studying in the UK turns out to be too difficult.

You could also contact agencies such as UNHCR and Open Society Foundations to find out about options in your country.

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