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This information will help you understand your university accommodation options. You can also talk to teachers, careers advisors, university staff and social workers (if you have one).

Where will I live at university?

Where will I live at university?

2. Private accommodation

Private accommodation is housing that you rent from an individual, instead of from the university. University websites often advertise private accommodation offered by individuals, but you usually need to go through a letting agency to arrange to rent the flats and houses.

3. Family home

If there is a possibility of living at home with your parents or other relatives, this may be a helpful option. Some parents ask their children to contribute a small amount to renting the family home, or expect them to help out with household chores when they become a student to help encourage independence.

4. Living with friends or relatives

Living with friends or relatives can be similar to living in your family home. Friends and relatives will probably want you to contribute towards the rent, but it may be possible to negotiate a lower rate of rent than if you rented through a letting agency.

5. Local authority accommodation

Local authorities provide accommodation for people who have been in their care. Please see here for more information relevant for Care Leavers.

There are different kinds of accommodation and you should contact the accommodation office or student services at your university to find out more. Some options will be better than others, depending on your particular circumstances. See below for a list of different options:

1. Halls of residence

Halls of residence, often shortened to ‘halls’, are buildings owned by the university and rented out solely to students who go to that university. Information about ‘halls’ can be found through the universities’ websites.

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