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“My aim is to be a big leader. I want to do more than the mechanics which I’m doing now. I realise I am not after money or something I can do for myself, I’m after something big and being involved and leading myself, contributing to society.”

A fellow at the Forward Institute explained how her interaction with REUK's leadership course participants blew her expectations away:


“I was keen to hear stories from people from around the world with different experiences, and I was set up to give them some hints and tips. What actually happened was that the Fellows were the ones doing the learning. We heard lots of inspiring stories, the challenges young refugees face, and what they have done so far. The truth is that they are already leaders, in their careers and their communities. I wanted to share the benefit of my experience, but actually, it was the other way around.”


Our youth leadership course taps into young peoples' wide-ranging and positive skills and attributes. One participant explained: “The course helped me to plan my future and how to do it. It gave me more confidence, and I believe in myself more than I used to be, and I know myself well now.”

Unfortunately, the leadership course is currently closed until 2023. If you'd like to learn more about where our Educational Impact work stream is at, please contact Moses.  



Education isn't just an end in itself. We want young refugees to be able to use their education to create a brighter, hope-filled future.

REUK wants to tap into young refugees' potential to be changemakers in society. We do this by investing in young people's leadership capacity, connecting them with opportunities to grow, lead and serve, and by supporting the transition from education to employment.

Young refugees are resilient, creative, wise and kind. They have a lot to offer society and they want to change the world for the better.

Getting an education is one thing, using that education is another. Many young refugees lack the contacts, opportunities and resources they need to secure employment and transition successfully from schools, colleges and universities into the workplace.

Forced displacement as children sets people back. However, REUK believes that positive futures are still possible.

Our values-led youth leadership course equips young refugees to identify and respect goodness in themselves and others.

Since 2018, over 40 young people have participated in this six week interactive and reflective programme. Complemented by opportunities to learn alongside fellows at the Forward Institute, participants identify their unique purpose and grow in confidence to lead in their spheres of influence.

Young refugees make a difference in REUK by shaping the work we're doing together.

Young refugees are shaping society and shifting the narrative.

Young refugees are being changemakers in workplaces across the country.

As experts by experience, they are passionate about fulfilling their potential and helping others to do the same. As youth advisors, they're feeding into what, why, and how we do what we do.

From running training and advocating for policy changes, to telling their stories through media and research projects, young refugees are enriching and improving British society.

Now we're developing an employment stream to enable more young people to develop the skills, experience, and connections they need to transition well from education to work.

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