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Late arrivals research

Supporting refugee young people who arrive in the middle of an academic year: research study

Survey and more information coming soon**



Refugee Education UK is working with The Bell Foundation to research education access and provision for refugee and asylum-seeking adolescents who arrive in the UK mid-way through an academic year. Together, we are seeking to understand practices that promote and hinder academic and wellbeing outcomes for these adolescents, with a focus on those at the upper-secondary level, aged 13-18. We hope to use findings from this research to strengthen evidence-based policy influencing work on this issue.


By the 17th March, Refugee Education UK will be launching a survey to gather insights from practitioners. If you have experience of working with or supporting refugee and asylum-seeking adolescents who have arrived in the middle of an academic year, this survey will be for you! Please keep your eyes peeled. 


If you have any thoughts or questions about this research in the meantime, or want to share in more depth good practice examples, then we would be delighted to hear from you at

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