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Dawn of a new day

By Andy Khatouli, Creative Director at OneSixOne

The last twelve months have given us a sobering look into the fragility of life. But it has also highlighted the power of positivity when we all come together in solidarity. And it’s these moments that we celebrate, seeing each other thrive in spite of all that would prevent us from doing so.

"2020 was certainly a year of change. For many, it was a tumultuous time of uncertainty and disorder. And for some, it was an opportunity to see themselves and the world anew. Whatever your experience has been, one thing is for sure, we find ourselves in a different position to where we started.

To aid the tremendous work that REUK carries out, OneSixOne, a diverse creative studio, were invited to conduct a brand refresh. The aim of this project was to transform the brand and strengthen its identity to raise awareness of the challenges that many young refugees face. Through this process REUK shared with us many inspirational stories of lives changed as a direct result of REUK’s efforts and the young people's hard work.

At the heart of Refugee Education UK is a mission to see young refugees equipped to build positive futures. By enabling systemic change to how young refugees access education, REUK's unwavering commitment to changing the landscape places them on the precipice of social reform.

Central to the rebrand is a message of hope reborn. Inspired by the twilight moment to a sunrise, we used this visual metaphor to symbolise the dawn of a new day in the lives of young refugees. 

The new brand symbol represents the illumination of education as the silhouette of a sunrise and an opening book are combined. 

A bright colour palette and a dynamic graphic system were created to speak of spaces being exposed to positive impact. 

Photographs of young people who have worked with REUK are front and centre to communicate the importance of seeing these individuals as the purpose behind the brand. Overall, the new visual identity indicates a move forward in REUK’s vision and positions them to have greater impact.

In light of the pandemic and the financial restrictions it imposed, OneSixOne were honoured to have donated our services by reducing our costs in order to maximise the resources needed to help more young refugees."

Everyone at REUK would like to thank OneSixOne for their fantastic work, commitment and vision in supporting this next step of our journey.

To be in a position where my education allows me to both thrive in life and to have the privilege of helping others, is testament to how equal access to learning is a priority for all. To put it simply, having worked closely with REUK has served as a redemptive tool in my own story.

Closer to home, I also have a special connection with the project. As a child of Iraqi refugees, I too have seen and shared in some of the experiences many young refugees face. 

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