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Supporting resettled refugees to access higher education

Reset Communities and Refugees, the UK's community sponsorship learning hub, commissioned REUK to create a research-informed guide to help community sponsorship groups support resettled refugees to reach university.

Informed by REUK's research and hands-on experience, the guide provides an overview of the key issues that may emerge as resettled refugees apply to university. It then provides step-by-step guidance on how community sponsors can best support and work with refugees as they go through the university application process.

This guide provides clear guidance and key considerations along 7 steps:

  1. Deciding to apply for university

  2. Deciding where to apply for university

  3. Applying to university

  4. Waiting for responses from universities

  5. Planning where to live

  6. Applying for financial support

  7. Getting ready to start

Recognising that there are valuable alternatives to university that may be better suited to some refugees based on their educational backgrounds and their career aspirations, this guide also provides an overview of alternatives to university.

With a lack of access to timely and accurate information a significant barrier to university for refugees, it is hoped that this guide will provide community sponsors with key information about the practical and emotional support they can provide resettled refugees with aspirations to study at university.

Read the full report here.


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