Hamid's immigration status made it hard for him to study. Now he has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering

Hamid arrived in the UK on his own. Now he's an Aeronautical Engineering graduate.

I came to the UK from Afghanistan when I was 16 years old. The reason for my journey was the conflict, which resulted in losing both my parents. First I had to face that pain. On the lonely journey I had no direction. I didn’t know where I was going.

The problem with education started when I was at the process of my application to university. I was told that I couldn't study at university due to my temporary status. At that point of my life I felt like being on the edge of disaster. REUK came along and especially after meeting with REUK’s staff member, Sarah, I started all of a sudden being optimistic and believing that there is still hope.

Sarah, and then Emily, helped me to communicate my situation to the university which had offered me a place and to secure extra financial support from this university to be able to start my course. I started to thinking that there is someone that can listen to me and really understand me. This was a great turning point in my life and I would never forget the hope that REUK and Sarah gave me.

I was so amazed of how much support I received. I finally managed to find my way into university with full support from REUK, especially Sarah and Emily, who helped me and guided me step by step during this process. I want to send a message to those who have the same issue as I had: there is still hope.


Current correspondence address:

Kings House

174 Hammersmith Road
W6 7JP

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