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“I didn’t think the university would be possible for me because of my immigration status, but you gave me information about universities that offer fee waivers for asylum seekers and helped me work out the path I should follow. The right bit of advice at the right time can totally change someone’s life. It changed mine and I am so thankful."


That's what a young person told us and that's why we're committed to working with individuals across the UK through our advice service, online resources, 1:1 sessions, and workshops. If you're a young person on an education journey or are getting alongside someone who is, just Whatsapp or email us to find out how we can help.

“Today I am more confident than ever and this is because of REUK's support. I was about to give up my hope on getting into university but [they] motivated me a lot and showed me that I can do this to achieve my goals."

We also want to change the landscape and have worked with universities, UCAS, other third sector agencies, and policy institutions to this end. Do also get in touch to include us in the conversations you're having.

We enable young refugees and asylum seekers to plan and navigate viable pathways through further (FE) and higher (HE) education.

Educational progression

Without proper planning, non-conventional educational pathways, through English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and FE, can impede refugees' progression at later stages. We help young people understand their options and make good choices about their studies right from the outset.

The sooner refugees and asylum seekers map out their possible educational journeys, the better. Early stage planning makes all the difference.

These barriers include ineligibility for student loans and a lack of knowledge and accurate information among students and institutions alike. Working closely with partners organisations, we provide advice, guidance, advocacy and support to those aspiring to HE.

Globally, just 3% of refugees reach university. In the UK, multiple barriers make it hard for refugee and asylum-seeking students to fulfil their academic potential.

REUK works in partnership with the Schwab & Westheimer Trust to facilitate university scholarships for asylum-seeking students.

For some, a scholarship is the only way to make the university a reality. REUK supports this grant-making trust to promote its scholarships to those who need them, offering additional support and advice to both successful and unsuccessful scholarship applicants.

We provide accurate information about how to move forward in education.

We support individuals to navigate and flourish through the UK education system.

We upskill practitioners to guide young refugees through their educational journeys.

Every year, our national advice service and online resources give hundreds of young refugees, and those supporting them, the right information at just the right time.

Through REUK's workshops and 1:1 advice sessions, over 100 young refugees each year are upskilled to take ownership of their education options and decisions.

Education pathways and entitlements are complex. Our training increases the knowledge and confidence of other professionals working with refugee learners.

University and college FAQs

Advice Service

Workshops for young people

We have put together comprehensive frequently asked questions which cover all aspects of progression through further and onto higher education. These should be your first port of call if you have a query, but if your situation isn't covered, contact our advice service. 

Our specialist workers provide personalised advice and signposting to young people, and those supporting them, by email or whats app. We cover access to and progress through further education as well as advice for those thinking ahead to university. Please do check if your question has been answered on our advice sheets before contacting us. 

We run free monthly workshops for young refugees and asylum seekers to help them understand the UK education system. Click the button below for more information and to book a place.

1:1 support sessions

Training for practitioners


Our specialist support worker provides 1:1 sessions for young people who need additional personalised help to access or progress in further education. Click the button below for more information and to book a session.

We run training to upskill practitioners in how to guide young refugees through their educational journeys. Our two key training packages cover Pathways through Further Education and Access to Higher Education. Click the button below for more information and to book a place.

REUK works in partnership with the Schwab & Westheimer Trust to facilitate university scholarships for asylum-seeking students. These include the Westheimer Scholarship and the Scholarship supported by the Marks Family Charitable Trust.

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